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Established in 1992, Summit Steel and Manufacturing Inc. is a uniquely structured company providing industrial welding and fabrication solutions to customers worldwide in a broad variety of industries. As a leading production metal fabrication company, we offer products and services that will enable customers to improve their bottom lines. We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering innovative processes, superior customer service and single source capabilities.

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QUALITY CONTROL — Certified by Det Norske Veritas

Summit Steel is proud to be an ISO-9001-certified company. You can view our ISO 9001 certification below. But what does it mean to be an ISO-certified metal fabrication company, and how does working with an ISO-compliant contract manufacturing company benefit you?

The fact that we are an ISO-9001-certified contract manufacturing company means that we have met the ISO standards when it comes to quality management for our metal-working processes. Another company may claim to be an ISO-compliant company, but unless it is ISO-9001-certified, you cannot be sure that it has met all of the ISO standards for quality assurance.

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