Established in 1992, Summit Steel & Manufacturing, Inc. is a highly diverse manufacturing company.

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About Us

If you’re looking to reduce total cost, look no further then Summit Steel & Manufacturing. We approach every opportunity with the goal of providing our customers with solutions that reduce lead-times and improve quality. Our vast range of welding and metal fabrication capabilities can help customers obtain desired results and ultimately increase their bottom lines.

Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, we have a long history of meeting our customer’s needs by utilizing our innovative manufacturing processes and fabrication and welding capabilities. We are not just a supplier; we are an extension of your success. This philosophy is the core value of our company and the foundation of our business relationships with customers since 1992.

We strive to provide our present and future customers with the opportunity to have one source for all their needs. Summit Steel and Manufacturing has as wide a range of innovative fabrication and welding capabilities as any company in the industry. These in house capabilities include but are not limited to: 2D Laser Cutting, 3D Laser Cutting, Bending/Forming, CNC Turning/Milling, Swiss Machining, Centerless Grinding/Polishing, Powder Coating, Robotic and Manual Welding. Complementing our capabilities is a staff of highly trained and experienced professionals.

Summit Steel & Manufacturing has a strong track record of providing quality components to aerospace, agricultural equipment, conventional & alternative energy, automotive, consumer products, construction, entertainment industry, manufacturing, military/defense, recreational vehicles, OEM, as well as many other industries.

Environmentally Friendly

It is our responsibility to protect the environment as we conduct our business. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to conduct our work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We encourage proactive environmental efforts throughout our organization and within our local communities resulting in a positive influence where we work and live. Summit Steel and Manufacturing also encourages our partners and suppliers to practice these same values as we all strive to preserve a better future for all.


Driving Quality and Efficiency at a Low Cost for Our Customers