Summit Steel & Manufacturing’s precision manufacturing capabilities will produce machined parts to the tightest of tolerances for the aircraft and aerospace industry. From commercial jets and helicopters for the military, Summit Steel will create the important and high-quality components essential to aerospace manufacturing.

Metal Fabrication for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry relies on precise, well-executed metal fabrication to ensure the reliable performance and safety of its aircraft. Our aerospace sheet metal fabrication capabilities include in-house engineering, tooling, development and manufacturing that will deliver the high-quality parts and components you require for your aircraft. We also offer comprehensive production planning support for various components, assemblies and machined parts made from materials such as aluminum, steel and titanium.

Examples of our aerospace manufacturing capabilities include CNC bending and forming that utilizes state-of-the-art press brakes and advanced CAD/CAM equipment to form high-precision aircraft parts and components with maximum speed and efficiency. Our CNC machining services make use of cutting-edge lathes, turning centers and vertical machine centers that deliver the consistency required for aerospace manufacturing applications. Our powder coating services provide a long-lasting finish that will protect aircraft components from forces such as wear and corrosion, while also enhancing aesthetic appeal. We can also perform 5-axis milling, 3-axis and 5-axis routing, robotic welding, laser cutting and more.

Aerospace Metal Fabrication Applications

Summit Steel can perform precise manufacturing for the aerospace industry for numerous applications. We can produce various interior aircraft components, as well as interior and exterior sensors and motion control and actuation systems. We can also engineer, fabricate and produce landing and braking components and a wide range of flight critical and safety parts and components. Understanding the extensive use of hydraulics to operate, maneuver and control today’s aircraft, we can develop reliable hydraulic system components that will perform flawlessly both in the air and on the ground.

We also recognize the importance of quality regarding sheet metal fabrications for aerospace applications. Our engineering team goes to great lengths to design parts and components that will meet your performance expectations and longevity and durability requirements. Our production staff members carefully developed quality control steps to ensure the parts will never fail when they’re needed the most.

Driving Quality and Efficiency at a Low Cost for Our Customers