Summit Steel manufacturers the highest quality components for the automotive industry.

Summit Steel & Manufacturing is able to cover all of your automotive production needs with precision steel manufacturing. Summit Steel creates machined parts such as manifold housings, valve caps, pump, covers, or other automotive engine parts for cars, trucks and SUVs.

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Metal Fabrication for the Automotive Industry

High-quality metal fabrication is essential in today’s automotive manufacturing industry. Summit Steel offers comprehensive automotive metal fabrication services that will help you meet your quality and productivity requirements, while also enabling you to keep your manufacturing costs under control. All parts and components will meet your exact specifications — you can install them in and on your vehicles with total confidence.

Our automotive industry metal fabrication services include expert engineering to ensure the fast, efficient, precise development of your parts and components. Our knowledgeable in-house engineering team can assist with everything from developing a fully functional prototype to the fabrication of complex or unusual parts. And our top-notch production staff can plan and execute a successful, cost-effective production run to keep your manufacturing schedules on track.

Our automotive industry fabrication capabilities include CNC machining, bending and forming, turning and milling to create high-precision parts to your exact tolerances, as well as powder coating to provide an attractive, protective finishing touch. And our advanced manual and robotic welding processes are beneficial in many phases of the automotive manufacturing process.

Automotive Metal Fabrication Applications

Regardless of your application, Summit Steel can offer the best automotive metal fabrication solution for the job. Metal fabrication can produce a wide range of aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, cold roll steel and stainless steel parts and components. Examples include battery housings, transmission covers, seat parts and brake components, as well as numerous parts used to construct vehicle engines. Metal fabrication can also create the components of a vehicle’s sound system such as the subwoofer chassis and speakers.

Metal fabrication for the automotive industry also plays a prominent role in many specialized applications. Custom car aficionados often rely on fabricated aftermarket parts when upgrading the lighting or sound system. Restorers of vintage vehicles use fabricated parts to provide an authentic look and feel for an older car. CNC bending and forming can fabricate protective roll cages in race cars and high-performance off-road vehicles.

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