Summit Steel & Manufacturing’s precision manufacturing capabilities can cut costs for your next construction project.

Summit Steel & Manufacturing’s background in precision manufacturing and metal fabrication can bring your construction vision to life. We can provide machined support pilings, laser cut stair railings, saw cut tube and pipe and powder coated metal parts that will support your construction vision.

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Metal Fabrication for the Construction Industry

Structural steel serves as the foundation for the construction industry. As one of the top construction metal fabrication companies, Summit Steel can work with you to produce the high-quality metal fabricated parts and components that will improve the results in all your projects. We have the equipment, facilities, expertise and experience to fabricate just a few parts or several thousand — whatever your business requires.

Our construction industry metal fabrication capabilities include 3D laser cutting that offers the accuracy and speed necessary to cut high-precision tubes, channels, beams and angles. Our saw cutting services produce square, clean, burr-free results for your secondary building practices, while providing safer material handling conditions for your team. We also offer certified manual and robotic production welding services that can create weldments with pinpoint precision.

As a valued Summit Steel construction manufacturing client, you’ll also have access to our in-house engineering team. Our engineers can “think outside the box” to develop creative product solutions for every project. We can even work with you to design a custom prototype that will allow you to move forward on a full-scale production run with total confidence.

Construction Metal Fabrication Applications

Our structural steel fabrication services have numerous interior and exterior construction manufacturing applications. Expertly fabricated steel parts can help to reduce the overall weight of a building — without sacrificing structural integrity. Structural steel is also a highly malleable material, which provides endless possibilities for customization. Our engineers can develop tailored construction industry fabrication solutions for every project requirement. This also makes it easier to modify a building in the future should the need arise to expand or add onto the structure.

Fabrication for the construction industry can also achieve a project’s aesthetic requirements. Architects love working with structural steel due to its combination of natural beauty and remarkable strength. Production personnel can easily roll and bend the steel to create unusual or complex shapes that are often not possible with other building materials.

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