Metal fabrication for food processing equipment poses several challenges that Summit Steel & Manufacturing is well equipped to meet. Consider that every bracket and weld in everything from meat processing equipment and industrial ovens to food packaging assembly and conveyor belts must adhere strictly to FDA manufacturing guidelines and procedures. When it comes to public safety, the food processing equipment industry and food equipment parts fabrication leave no room for error.

New companies are constantly entering the food processing space, while established companies are expanding their product lines. And all this is taking place while the public’s expectations of food safety, even with the growing selection of prepared foods, is at an all-time high. It’s a business in which your parts and equipment supplier must deliver absolute quality on every part, weld and fabrication.

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Every step in food processing equipment fabrication must be well thought out. That’s why at Summit Steel, we know from the raw materials to the final assembly precisely what’s required to produce safe parts and equipment that meet food processing safety guidelines.

Material handling and selection must be taken into consideration for food processing equipment. Of course, our highly trained customer service representatives can advise you on what type of corrosion-free material would be a good fit for your needs. But even if you select a high-grade form of stainless steel, you need assurance that it won’t get contaminated by other materials or come into contact with corrosive tools.

With our ISO 9001-2008 certification, you can rest assured that your order, as well as the materials you choose, will be handled with the utmost care.

Proper welds that leave no burrs, cracks or excessive beading are a staple of food processing equipment. Any unnecessary crevices or folds are an open invitation for the growth of bacteria, which in any food processing application is a clear violation of food safety standards. At Summit Steel, every engineer, machinist and welder who comes into contact with your order has a skilled set of hands and eyes. Our team won’t let one piece of equipment leave our shop without first passing the highest level of quality testing.

In addition to expert material handling and welding, we offer precision CNC machining and milling, 3D laser cutting and forming, as well as a host of grinding, polishing and finishing services designed to meet all aspects of food equipment safety.


For over two and half decades, Summit Steel & Manufacturing has been building a long list of satisfied clients. With our cutting-edge 120,000 square foot facility in Reading, PA at your disposal, there’s no job too large.

To learn more about our full fabrication services for food processing parts and equipment, simply fill out our contact form or call us directly at 610-981-1423. We look forward to serving you!

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