If you own or manage a company that works in the fracking industry, you need reliable components for a variety of machines. Fracking is a complex industry that requires unique machinery including fluid tanks, pumps, monitoring equipment and more. At Summit Steel & Manufacturing, we use capabilities like 3D laser cutting and tube lasers, CNC matching, precision CNC turning and welding.

We are ready to provide top-quality components for the fracking industry that will benefit your business.

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Metal Fabrication for Fracking and Oil Industry

Metal Fabrication Services for Fracking

Fracking is a precise process that requires precise equipment and strategy. Our team at Summit Steel & Manufacturing understands that without the right equipment, your company’s work will not be completed as successfully. Our high-quality parts are made to last and to do exactly what they’re meant to do. Every time you operate a machine or other equipment with components from Summit Steel & Manufacturing, you know it will be a good time on the job.

Our 3D laser cutting services can make the precise cuts needed for a wide variety of applications. Laser cutting is efficient, effective and can help lower your manufacturing costs. Our CNC machining services can help you make custom parts and offer the same level of precision and quality.

With CNC turning, we use multi-sided milling and turning machines and lathes to create the custom parts you need. These machines are computerized to make it fast and easy to program, to get the exact end result that you need. Our manual welding services still offer quick turnaround times while giving the level of attention and efficiency to create a superior part.

Fracking Metal Fabrication Applications

With the right tools and machinery, your fracking company can operate successfully. Whether you need to replace a part in one of these pieces of equipment or to build something, Summit Steel & Manufacturing will provide the parts you need.

There are a number of complex machines necessary for successful fracking. These machines have many different parts that all must work properly for the operation to go smoothly. From the large drilling machines to access the proper layers underground, to the fluid tanks that must pump the proper amount of liquid at the right pressure, you need dependable parts to keep these machines functioning as they should.

With quality parts and components from Summit Steel & Manufacturing, you don’t have to worry about your machinery breaking down or malfunctioning. This helps employees and other personnel complete the necessary protocol of the fracking process.

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