Solar Panel Parts Contract Manufacturing

When you work in the solar energy industry, you work with customers every day who are looking for quality, effective solutions to their energy needs. Building quality solar panels and other mechanics is the key to earning customer loyalty and a positive reputation for your business.

In order to make that happen, you need to start out with high-quality parts for your solar equipment. At Summit Steel & Manufacturing, we offer a variety of different services to create the quality parts you need to work successfully in the solar industry.

We’re able to save your business time, hassle and money because we are a one-stop shop. Instead of coordinating with multiple manufacturers for the parts you need, you can order all of the necessary parts for the equipment and machinery that you work with.

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Metal Fabrication for Solar Power Industry and Alternative Energy

Solar Energy Metal Fabrication Services

With a number of capabilities for solar energy contract manufacturing, we have the precise manufacturing services to make the parts you need. Starting with quality raw materials and using our expertise and experience, we use several applicable capabilities for your solar needs.

Our 2D flat laser cutting creates clean edges and excellent precision. We’ll work with you to create prototypes that we can then replicate easily and efficiently. Using our CNC bending and forming service, we will create the precise shapes necessary for your solar equipment and machinery.

With our certified production welding services, we make strong components that have personal attention and craftsmanship that ensures high quality. Even if you have a high-volume order, our technicians will quickly and efficiently fulfill your order without compromising on that quality. Another solar application is our 3D laser cutting and tube laser service. This service has a wide application variety to help us create the exact models and parts that you need. With the automation of these processes, you can save time and money.

Driving Quality and Efficiency at a Low Cost for Our Customers