Summit Steel is a leading provider for aluminum contract manufacturing in Pennsylvania and throughout the East Coast. We offer fabrication services for numerous metals, including aluminum, stainless and carbon steel, and even titanium, so our team can provide expert advice on selecting the best material for your needs.

Aluminum is a common metal for various industrial and end-user products. Lightweight and easy to shape, aluminum’s mechanical properties make it suitable for many designs. Our skilled fabricators understand aluminum’s advantages, so we can create pieces that play to the metal’s strengths.

The metal you choose affects every aspect of the finished product, from hardness and weight to strength and surface quality. Choosing aluminum for your metal fabrication projects can offer numerous advantages because it is:

  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Lightweight yet strong.
  • Highly malleable and an excellent conductor.
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Our Services

We have the capabilities to do more than aluminum metal fabrication. Our services cover every part of the manufacturing and fabrication process. When you order aluminum products from Summit Steel, you have access to metal products that our professionals can cut, form, coat and finish. Our service offerings include:

Visit our service page for a full list of our custom aluminum fabrication capabilities.

Other Materials for Metal Fabrication

At Summit Steel, we use various metals for custom fabrication. We work with aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel to manufacture 95% of our products. Carbon steel is one of the most common alternatives to aluminum, as both metals have chemical and material properties that make them ideal for applications in various industries. However, there are a few instances where carbon steel is a better option.

For most applications, the most significant differences between aluminum and carbon steel are strength and weight. Steel is a stronger metal than aluminum, but that quality comes with a trade-off. Aluminum’s strength-to-weight ratio makes it optimal for products that must be lightweight. If weight is less of a concern, the added strength of carbon steel becomes more attractive.

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