How to Choose a High-Volume Metal Fabrication Company

High volume metal fabrication and welding services

Your business relies on metal fabrication for high-quality products and long-lasting solutions. Whether you’re in need of solar panels, tools or medical equipment, creating a partnership with an expert in the field is key for your specific applications. Choosing the right metal fabrication company takes time, but keeping your eyes out for years of industry experience, outstanding capabilities and relevant certifications will set you in the right direction.

Here’s what to look for in a metal fabrication company if you’re in the market for a single-source supplier:

1. Diverse Project Experience

A metal fabrication company’s years of field experience is important, but it’s your job to take a closer look at the history of an organization, project examples and team background. Does the metal fabrication partner work in your industry and possess the correct technical skills for a job-well-done? There are hundreds of metal fabrication companies serving your area, but many focus on specific outlets, from architecture to specialized tools.

Extend your search to include companies that mention your exact project requirements. You want to work with a team that’s large enough to complete your project on specs and within your deadlines.

2. Metal Fabrication Capabilities

One of the most important aspects of choosing a metal fabrication company relates to their shop capabilities. It’s proactive to choose a high-volume metal fabrication partner as opposed to a smaller business, as there are fewer limitations to worry about. High-volume fabricators handle larger gauges of metal and have a vast workforce to tackle projects from beginning to end.

All metal fabrication facilities are suited for different tasks. Finding out what a company is able to build will tell you if your custom request is reasonable. At Summit Steel, we separate ourselves from the competition with the ability to perform both welding and fabrication jobs, including:

  • 2D laser cutting
  • 3D laser cutting
  • Bending and forming
  • CNC turning and milling
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Powder coating
  • And more

3. Read Company Reviews

Online reviews are great for choosing a metal fabrication company. Learn from the experiences of others who worked with a potential candidate for your project. Reading testimonials on the metal fabrication company’s official site is an excellent way to discover more about pricing, methods and how happy customers are with their finished products.

4. Check for Certifications

If you’re curious how to choose a metal fabrication company, looking at workforce certifications will narrow your results. The fabrication crew you select for your assignment should be up-to-date on the latest standards of the metalworking industry for quality assurance. An ISO-9001-certified company like Summit Steel keeps your expectations in mind and follows safe practices for your project.

5. The Customer Experience

You’ll be working with a high-volume metal fabrication company for extended periods of time. Be sure to partner with a business that values your input, saves you money when possible and treats you like family. It’s crucial to get a good feel from a metal fabrication company prior to starting your project, so select a team that is willing to answer your questions and offer you exceptional customer service.

Choose Summit Steel for Your Metal Fabrication Project

Summit Steel specializes in high-volume metal fabrication services in Reading, Pennsylvania. We serve clients from all industries and we channel over 25 years of fabrication experience to get your project completed on-time with delivery options available at your convenience. If you’re interested in learning more about our capabilities and facility, contact us online for further information.