Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Tips to Increase Sustainability

As more companies commit to greener practices, manufacturing facilities need to make process changes also. This industry has the potential to significantly impact the planet. The advantages of sustainable manufacturing include:

  • Saving money.
  • Getting tax credits.
  • Gaining positive brand recognition.
  • Contributing to the economy.

Though manufacturing may not be seen as a green industry, manufacturing and sustainability work hand in hand in many ways. Here is how to make manufacturing more environmentally friendly.

Understand Your Environmental Impact

The first step to sustainability is identifying the areas you can improve. Examine your energy consumption and its environmental impact. Look at your water consumption and identify ways to use less of it. Consider the materials you use in production and see if there are alternatives.

Review Your Product Designs

Can you change your product designs to be more eco-friendly? This change may include using recyclable materials, utilizing less material or reducing product packaging. These changes are easy to make, and your product’s integrity will stay the same.

Consider Other Materials

Some materials can be harmful to the environment, so consider this when choosing yours. Manufacturing facilities should also make efforts to create minimal waste, recycle goods and use post-consumer materials. Stay updated on green materials and processes to be aware of new industry developments.

Use Green Energy Alternatives

Though manufacturing requires significant energy, you can change your power sources for more environmentally friendly ones. In some cases, clean energy is cheaper than traditional energy sources for large shops. Many alternative electricity sources are available, such as geothermal, solar and wind energy. You can also make green changes inside your facility, like adding more insulation or installing LED lights.

Reduce Water Consumption

Using too much water can mean losing profits to water bill costs. Manufacturing facilities should look into ways to use less water and gain significant cost savings every year. Decreasing the amount of water your business consumes can also result in a faster turnaround time, improved output and fewer delays.


If your processes create substantial waste, consider how you can use it again instead of sending it to the landfill. Encourage your employees to recycle materials properly. You can also partner with other shops in your area to see if they can use your waste material.

Make Sustainable Manufacturing Part of Your Company Culture

Encourage your employees to believe in your sustainability mission, so they can help make the necessary changes. When your team is on board, transitioning to a green workplace will be easier. Making your company more eco-friendly will also attract quality job candidates who share these values.

Get More Manufacturing Tips to be More Sustainable

Summit Steel & Manufacturing is an ISO 9001-certified company with a commitment to quality work. We value green production processes and use our equipment, skills and knowledge to ensure our work is safe for the environment. We also encourage our partners, suppliers and all manufacturing facilities to practice sustainability.

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