PA Treasurer Made In PA Monday Shout Out

The PA State Treasurer, Stacy Garrity, highlights manufacturers and makers across Pennsylvania every Monday on her Instagram account. Treasurer Garrity understands the importance of manufacturing in PA and uses her platform to shed light on different hard-working companies. This month she has been kind enough to feature us here at Summit Steel! Check out her post on her Instagram page linked here:

Highlights From PA Treasury Shout Out

Summit Steel’s Tenure In The Industry: “Established in 1992, Summit Steel and Manufacturing Inc. is a uniquely structured company providing industrial welding and fabrication solutions to customers worldwide in a broad variety of industries.

Treasurer Garrity hit the nail on the head with this brief description of our company’s history with this quote!

Summit Steel’s Commitment to Innovation: “Utilizing the latest and greatest technologies in Laser Cutting Machines, Robotic Welding, CNC Turning and Milling, Bending & Forming amongst many other capabilities they provide high-quality manufactured and fabricated products to their customers.” 

Here at Summit Steel, we pride ourselves on staying in front of technological advancements in our industry so that we can provide the best quality products and service to our customers. 

Thank You PA Treasury!

We thank Treasurer Garrity for the acknowledgment! We also encourage our users to go check out the rest of her social media pages to see what other companies are highlighted in her “Made in PA Monday” specials. You can find more of her shoutouts to local manufacturers here!