When it comes to metal fabrication capabilities, Summit Steel & Manufacturing, Inc. is unmatched. For over 25 years, Summit Steel has been building and refining our state-of-the-art welding services, sheet metal fabrication services and related metal-working services to produce the best possible parts in the most efficient way for your industry. Through the years, we’ve been able to add to and upgrade our service offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customer base and stay one step ahead of our competitors.

Our complete list of metal fabrication services includes:


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related capabilities:

A few of the many excellent reasons to make Summit Steel your metal fabrication contractor include:


Today’s industrial and manufacturing operations are more varied than ever, which creates the need for companies that can provide nimble and responsive metal fabrication services.

Our fabrication and welding diversity offers customers the opportunity to reduce total costs for all their required products and services. Summit’s expansive range of capabilities, knowledge, and experience is unmatched in our industry. Our diversity provides us with the opportunity to gain delivery speed and generate better efficiencies — and to tailor our services to each customer’s unique requirements.

Single-Source Supplier

If you’re used to relying on several suppliers to perform different metal fabrication services, you know what a time-consuming hassle this can be. You’ll appreciate Summit Steel’s multi-faceted business approach. Because of our diversity and broad range of capabilities, we can handle virtually any type of fabrication project. You won’t waste valuable time looking around for suppliers. You’ll also benefit from the process uniformity and consistent results that come from working with a single metal fabrication source.


If yours is like most manufacturing operations these days, you must turn projects around quickly to remain competitive and meet the demands of your customers. Our fabrication delivery speed and performance is the result of our knowledgeable staff and vast range of capabilities. This provides us with the control needed to routinely process products that require one or more operations. Our diversity allows our customers to reduce lead times, costs, administrative burden, and transportation time. You’ll be able to maintain your tight production schedules and provide better service to your customers.


Because we are committed to the elimination of waste and the process of improvement throughout our organization, we are routinely improving our efficiencies. Centered on preserving the value of our products and services, we continuously review our metal fabrication processes with advanced Lean Manufacturing practices. By focusing on improving efficiency throughout our organization, we’re able to complete our projects faster and with fewer errors. We can also reduce our operating expenses, which enables us to lower the cost of our metal fabrication services.


The quality of our work has been a top priority at Summit Steel since the very beginning. Our unwavering and clear commitment to quality using our ISO 9001 certification is the benchmark of our company. Our ISO certification means our metalworking processes comply with stringent industry standards for quality. What’s more, our comprehensive quality policy states that we will always conform to the requirements specified by our customers, regardless of the size, scope or complexity of the project. We’ll always strive to exceed your expectations.

Our Metal Fabrication Services Company Covers the East Coast

Headquartered in Reading, PA, Summit Steel provides superior metal fabrication services to companies throughout Pennsylvania and the East Coast. We’re able to meet the needs of organizations across the region in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to food processing and military and defense, among others.

We operate a state-of-the-art, 120,000-square-foot facility that’s fully equipped with the latest machinery and tools to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers. We’ve also implemented environmentally friendly fabrication practices in every area of our business operation.

Driving Quality and Efficiency at a Low Cost for Our Customers