Summit Steel & Manufacturing’s CNC Bending and Forming service will bend and form materials to your precise requirements.

At Summit Steel & Manufacturing, we take pride in our ability to meet our customers’ needs across a wide range of services. That’s why we offer metal bending and metal forming services that make use of CNC hydraulic press brakes, comprehensive tooling and full CAD/CAM capabilities in the same facility where we offer machining, welding, laser cutting and more. Summit Steel’s wide selection of CNC bending and forming tools can accommodate everything from the simplest to the most complex bends for your fabrication project.

Summit Steel can provide custom metal bending services for a wide range of industries, including automotive, recreational vehicles, military and defense and more. Some of our more notable clients include Harley Davidson, General Electric and New Standard Corporation. Regardless of your industry, we’ll always meet your expectations regarding quality, service and on-time delivery — that’s been the core of our operating philosophy since we first opened for business in 1992.

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Metal bending and forming refers to the process of re-shaping metals using brake presses and other machine presses. With CNC (computerized numerical control) presses like those used at Summit Steel, this process is precise, versatile and can be automated using CAD/CAM drawings for greater efficiency and shorter lead times. CNC bending and machining involve the development and implementation of specialized computer programs to control the operation of the presses, which results in increased precision in the finished product.

The CNC metal bending process entails programming the press brake to accept the sheet metal component flat bank at a specified distance as determined by the point where the formation of the bend will occur. The press brake essentially clamps the workpiece between a matching die and punch. The sides of the press brake consist of two C-frames attached to a movable beam at the top and a table at the bottom. The top tool is mounted on the upper beam, while the bottom is connected to the table.


CNC metal bending and forming helps to establish and maintain optimal performance and facilitates increased precision and control. When performed by top-quality bending equipment, the process will deliver high-precision bends in sheet metal, while minimizing the risk of workpiece damage caused by an improper fit. CNC metal bending can work with both large workpieces and multiple smaller parts, which can result in greater production efficiency and shorter delivery times. This means you’ll be able to keep your projects on schedule and within budget!

CNC metal bending and forming represents a triumph of automation. The completeness of the computer numerical control allows us to do away with a variety of machines that required much more time and human interaction, like center lathes, routers, vertical millers and shaping machines.

In addition to taking up less space, the CNC metal bending process allows us to work faster and economically, passing the savings on to you. We do not need to pay for the acquisition and upkeep of various other machines that CNC sheet metal bending and forming replaces, nor do we need to pay for additional personnel, as a single operator can program and supervise multiple CNC machines.

All of this creates a more streamlined, efficient production cycle you and your company can benefit from every time you place a metal bending order with us — especially when that order requires a high volume of produced parts in a short amount of time.


Summit Steel is equipped to bend and form aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel with U-bending, offset bending, air bending, and hemming. Our team of in-house engineers has experience providing project management and value engineering services to diverse industries ranging from construction to automotive.


The combination of our state-of-the-art CNC metal forming and bending equipment and our highly trained, professional staff members enables us to provide the best solution for every client — regardless of project size, scope, or type of material.

For example, if you’re an RV manufacturer, we can produce high-quality vehicle panels that will provide the ideal fit for your vehicles. The automotive/truck industry frequently turns to Summit Steel for tool drawers for utility trucks. In addition, we can use CNC metal bending and forming to produce lifting equipment such as truck cranes, frame rails and boom components.

Any metal bending manufacturing process that formerly required a machine tool like a grinder, mill, lathe or router can now be performed by our CNC machines. These CNC sheet metal forming machines are capable of performing metal fabricating tasks that require several cuts in rapid succession at high-speeds, even when multiple angles are required or if the material is a challenging one. The computer numerical control means fewer errors and higher accuracy with less effort.


Other capabilities of our metal bending services include electrical and electronic products such as electrical cabinets, control boxes and enclosures, as well as precision panels for computer chassis and light fixtures. Additional applications include refrigeration equipment and appliance doors and panels.

We can also use our CNC metal bending process to create furnishings such as metal file cabinets and desks, doors, drawers, shelving and lockers. We serve clients in the construction industry by produce floor and ceiling systems for homes, offices, stores, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

We are accustomed to providing CNC metal bending and forming services for just about every industry that includes the use of metal parts, including the automotive industry, production work, agriculture, aerospace and even publishing. If your industry involves or relies on the manufacturing of quality metal parts in any way, our computerized metal bending process can almost certainly work for you. Contact Summit Steel to inquire about our services.

Summit Steel is proudly ISO 9001-2008 certified and makes use of faro arm and other CMM inspection technology in its quality system.


Metal fabrication and production manufacturing are what we do. It’s all we do, and we have it down to a science. Doing your own metal fabrication means not only bringing on a lot of headaches that comes with adding an entire new infrastructure to your organization, but it also means not having the benefits that can come with working with a company that has decades of experience and extremely well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment for exactly this kind of work.

We can do all of your CNC metal bending, forming and other metal fabrication in-house, faster and more accurately, without taking up any space in your facility or diverting the activities of your existing employees. We are fully certified and prepared for all eventualities, and because all the work is done in our local facility, we can get your project done fast, even if there are changes you need to make. You’ll also always know who to contact if you have any questions about your project. The benefits of using Summit Steel as your contract manufacturer are countless.

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