Summit Steel & Manufacturing is a leading source for CNC precision milling services in Pennsylvania and throughout the East Coast. We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering a combination of skilled craftsmanship, extensive industry experience and cutting-edge technology. Every CNC machined part project we take on receives the highest level of urgency and attention to detail to ensure superior delivery and quality results.

Similar to drilling, cutting and metal milling services, CNC milling services are computer-controlled to execute precise cuts and shape the materials to match your exact specifications. The cutter used in CNC milling machining is able to move along multiple axes to create a range of shapes, slots and holes. The work-piece can also be moved across the milling tool in multiple directions, unlike the single axis motion of a drill. You benefit from a safer, faster and more effective method of milling than producing products by hand.

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What Is Precision CNC Milling?

Incorporating the precision of computers with the actions of machining dates all the way back to the 1950s. It didn’t take long for the union of the previously manual operations of milling — much like cutting and drilling — to be paired up with the emergence of computerized controls. The invention of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling and machining allowed for the repeatable production of highly complex and detailed parts.

Today, at Summit Steel & Manufacturing, we have over two and half decades of experience producing parts with the most demanding specifications imaginable. Our highly trained machinists are extremely experienced in employing CNC machining to meet all of your precision, budget and timeline needs. And when it comes to materials, we’re experts in everything from traditional metals to rare alloys.

In addition to allowing high levels of precision and repeatability, CNC milling can operate on multiple axes. Once the operator programs in the desired shape and cuts necessary to produce the part, the CNC milling machine can move across anywhere from three to five axes, making cuts that would be impossible for a single axis manual milling machine. The resulting process is not only desirable for the production of highly complex prototypes, but because of the time saved by CNC machining, it’s also an affordable choice for larger orders.

Industries Using CNC Precision Milling

One of the biggest advantages of CNC milling services is the versatility it provides in turning raw materials into countless different products. We offer precision CNC milling of everything from cell phone parts, light fixtures and television components to cylinder heads, gears, housings, valves and prosthetics. Our processes are reliable, highly accurate, eco-friendly and flexible to meet your custom fabrication needs.

CNC machined parts by Summit Steel & Manufacturing are used in a wide range of industries. Consider the safety regulations that every part used in the aerospace and automotive industries must meet. Then there are the cost and timeline issues associated with producing exact repeatable components for the construction, agriculture and energy industries.

Of course, when it comes to machining components for use for a wide variety of industries, everything from confidentiality to minute precision is a prerequisite for a successful working relationship. Whether you need to create a product prototype or have a higher-volume production run, our CNC milling services deliver the consistent, repeatable results you’re looking for.

CNC milling can be performed on the following types of materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Carbon Steel
  • Magnesium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloy Steel

Superior CNC Milling Services

To achieve the best possible results, we employ certified technicians and provide extensive training in modern machining techniques. Our promise to you is that every CNC machined part we produce will meet your specified requirements and be delivered on time and within budget.

Our unique capabilities as a single-source supplier help you conserve resources by reducing lead times and increasing quality. Additional benefits of choosing Summit for CNC milling services include:

  • Modern, climate-controlled machine shops for a precise milling environment
  • Wireless connectivity to seamlessly upload your programs directly to our CNC machines
  • Exceptional reputation with over two decades of industry experience
  • Full service, in-house fabrication and welding capabilities

Driving Quality and Efficiency at a Low Cost for Our Customers