For more than 20 years, Summit Steel & Manufacturing has been providing superior CNC turning services. We offer a range of precision machining capabilities with a variety of computerized CNC turning centers that can be programmed to meet your exact specifications, no matter how simple or intricate. Whether you require a trial run, product prototype or large-capacity CNC production turning, you’ll get a fast turnaround on a quality product at a competitive cost.

In addition to multi-axis and multi-sided milling and turning machines, we also offer in-house CNC lathe machine turning services. Advantages of custom manufacturing parts using CNC lathe machining include reduced lead times, tight tolerances and exceptional material compatibility. From comprehensive CNC control capabilities and reverse engineering to CAD design and CAM programming services, we have the in-house facilities, ingenuity and knowledge to deliver the results you require.

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The benefits of using Summit Steel’s CNC turning center services for your metal manufacturing are numerous. They include:


When it comes to metal production, you cannot match CNC turning where it concerns accuracy. With CNC turning, we program the machine to cut and turn exactly the same way, exactly the right way, every single time. You don’t have to worry about defects or inconsistency when it comes to your machined parts. If you are in an industry that requires you to mass produce consistent metal parts, CNC turning is the way to go.


When you work with Summit Steel, one of the benefits you will quickly discover is that not only do you always get what you’re expecting, but it’s also easy to make changes in your design or production requirements. This is because we will be familiar with your entire project and metal forming needs from start to finish.

Our CNC turning service makes this even faster and easier, because if you need to make a change, all we need to do is make a few slight adjustments in the program that controls the machine working on your project and you’re ready to go. We can even easily switch between multiple designs with our CNC turning machines as needed for your applications.


Hand turning a metal lathe can take an extremely long time. Manual metal workers need to take breaks and not overexert themselves to avoid stress injuries and must be constantly diligent to avoid making any errors. A CNC turning machine has no such concerns. It can operate as fast as the machine and the metal’s tolerances will allow, non-stop until it finishes your part, without any concerns about making mistakes or damaging itself. As a result, you get your accurate, high-quality parts much faster.


While all of our human metal workers undergo the requisite safety training, those who operated turning machines used to have to go through safety training that was much more extensive. Operating these machines up close presented many dangers, and if an injury did occur, it could stall operations for a considerable amount of time. With CNC turning machines, the human operator is standing safely behind a control panel, in no danger of being directly injured by the machine. This means we are free to manufacture your parts as quickly and efficiently as possible in a safe manner without worrying about slowing the process down with excessive and now-unnecessary safety measures.


Our CNC production turning services provide a competitive advantage to businesses across the region, delivering the ability to turn a wide range of raw materials into precision-cut parts and components. We provide a fully automated computerized process and modern Wi-Fi capabilities that allow us to directly upload your programs to the CNC turning center. The bar feeder, part catcher and automated chip conveyor of the lathe machine all serve to speed up production while ensuring incredibly consistent and repeatable turning results.

The versatility of CNC production turning benefits industries ranging from aerospace, architectural and electronics to military and packaging. Our CNC lathe machine turning services are suitable for materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper, iron, tin, titanium, zinc and a variety of other metals. Applications include:

  • Engine and machine components
  • Hydraulics and turbo machinery
  • Valves, shafts, pins and forgings
  • Jewelry, spacers and fittings
  • Fasteners, spindles, sockets and standoffs

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