Summit Steel provides precision CNC Swiss machining services for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries including Aeronautics, Agriculture and Defense. We specialize in turning raw metal materials into highly precise and consistently accurate parts and components at a price that makes sense to your bottom line. Our Swiss CNC machine service minimizes lead times, conserves resources and expands manufacturing capabilities.

Precision equipment and specialized testing processes offer one of the most accurate means for efficiently creating small, intricate pieces in large quantities. Summit’s Swiss machining services include boring, drilling, knurling, milling and turning. No matter the complexity of your designs or the size of the job, we’re completely focused on delivering your order on time, within budget and to exact specifications.

Swiss Style CNC machining services

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A Swiss-style CNC machine is a lathe, or turning machine, that is computer controlled — CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. The lathe turns the metal piece while various cutting and shaping tools are applied to it to form the part you are trying to create.

Swiss Style CNC machining uses an automated lathing process that holds the product stationary while the machining tools move around it with a mobility of up to six distinct axes. This helps to greatly diminish inaccuracies caused by vibrations and deflection. As a result, tooling can reach a tolerance as low as .0002” with materials ranging from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, plastics and a variety of others.

The sliding headstock design used in CNC Swiss machining allows for precision cuts of parts of varying lengths and multiple diameters. Twin-spindle Swiss machining capabilities increase throughput and cycle times by simultaneously finishing both sides of the part. All of our Swiss CNC machining services offers repeatable precision while maximizing efficiency with fully automated manufacturing capabilities.


What is the difference between Swiss CNC machining and standard CNC machining? Both use CNC machines, so the process is computer controlled and automated, but with a Swiss style CNC machine, there is a guide bushing we feed the stock through. This makes it easier to cut near the point of support, regardless of length, making this type of machining especially useful for longer, slimmer parts.

The way the Swiss-style CNC machine is constructed tends to create greater stability, so you need to take less care to avoid tool marks when cutting, which means you can cut faster and more efficiently.

These machines also use oil as lubricant rather than water, for greater lubrication as well as to avoid concerns about bacteria that can grow in standing water.


We can use our Swiss-style CNC machining applications to create a variety of parts, even parts with complex shapes, very long parts or very large parts. This allows us to quickly and efficiently provide parts for a wide variety of industries.


Our ability to work with very long and very slender pieces on our Swiss-style CNC machines makes us a great choice for many electronics industry applications. We also have experience using this technology for applications in the aerospace industry, construction, the automotive industry, agriculture and many others. Get in touch with us for information about how we can use our Swiss-style CNC machining to your benefit in your industry.


Why go through the time and expense of purchasing a Swiss-style CNC machine and learning how to use it when we have state-of-the-art Swiss-style CNC machining equipment and operators with years of experience already in place?

The costs of finding space to do Swiss-style CNC machining, training and paying employees to operate your machine and the machine itself are usually not worth incurring, especially since we have the infrastructure already in place to do all your Swiss-style CNC machining affordably and quickly.

Keep in mind that Swiss-style CNC machining will not be suitable for all of your metal working needs, so even if you make a heavy investment in it, you will still need to contract out to complete your parts. By contracting the work out to us, you benefit from a one-stop shop where we can do not only all of your Swiss-style CNC machining, but other types of metal cutting, bending and forming along with finishing, assembly and other services as well.


Summit Steel’s Swiss CNC machines can work with products of diameters up to .82 inches and lengths of 3 inches, spinning them at speeds up to 10,000 RPM, while remaining otherwise perfectly still. Our modern equipment features automatic bar loaders and are capable of high-speed machining and around-the-clock production.

Our Oasis Inspection machines allow us to measure the products accurately and consistently by removing all human error from the measuring process and providing the ability to measure tolerances down to .0000001”.

As an ISO 9001:2008-certified steel manufacturing company, we only employ skilled technicians capable of ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. From climate-controlled machine shops to wireless connectivity, our state-of-the-art capabilities deliver faster turnarounds and more accurate results.


Our Swiss Style CNC Machines, combined with the incredible Oasis Inspection system, allow us to manufacture a huge variety of incredibly small and intricate products, from the tiny screws used for an artificial heart valve to crucial components for next wave aerospace and defense technology.

Every component, no matter how large or small, is manufactured and inspected with Summit Steel and Manufacturing’s extreme attention to detail and focus on quality. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Since 1992, Summit Steel & Manufacturing has been offering innovative, cost-effective steel machining and fabrication services to engineers and manufacturers in Pennsylvania and across the nation. We strive to be a one-stop shop for all of your Swiss machining needs, offering the in-house equipment, technology and workforce to produce any and all the parts you required for an entire project. In addition to CNC Swiss style lathe machining, we also provide manual and robotic laser cutting, centerless grinding and polishing, powder coating and more.

If you’re looking for a partner who can help turn your design concepts into reality, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced team is available to assist in virtually every aspect of production, from initial design consultation through product packaging, shipping and logistics. We work with a variety of file formats including SolidWorks and AutoCAD and have the ability to directly upload files to our computerized Swiss style lathe systems.

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