Summit Steel & Manufacturing is able to offer suggestions and assist on how to best use our capabilities to meet your product specifications and obtain the highest quality part possible. It takes the best professionals to provide the reliable guidance you deserve. Our in-house engineering team is a leader in the industry. Our staff offers a high level of sheet metal fabrication engineering, or fab engineering, expertise that will meet and exceed your expectations. This type of top-notch service has been a hallmark of our company since we first opened for business in 1992. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified metal fabrication company, we also make quality the cornerstone of everything we do.

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What is Fab Engineering?

Metal fabrication involves processes such as cutting, bending, forming and assembling to produce various structures from metal materials such as aluminum and steel. Metal fabrication engineers play a prominent role in the process by designing, executing and improving the essential systems used to produce fabricated products. Many metal fabrication engineers have acquired industry-specific expertise they apply to their employers’ unique production processes.

At Summit Steel, our metal fabrication engineers adhere to a series of best practices to ensure superior, consistent results for every client. Proficient with the use of AutoCad, 3D Solidworks, Master Cam, and FG CAD/CAM, our in-house engineering team can help customers modify their designs for cost savings, shorter lead times, scalability, and product quality.

Our engineers work closely with our production team to ensure quality during the design process, as well as to eliminate any unnecessary details that could prevent product optimization. They also perform continuous testing to verify design quality through methods such as 3D modeling, finite element analysis and prototyping. Our team places a heavy emphasis on materials — if necessary, they’ll recommend a change in material type if it would make a significant difference in critical areas such as cost, efficiency, practicality and return on investment.

Our Metal Engineering Capabilities

Our advanced sheet metal fabrication engineering capabilities allow us to deliver superior results for every project, regardless of size, scope or complexity. Whether your goal is to create a fully functional prototype or launch a large production run, we can meet your requirements. We’re also adept at performing customized metal fab engineering for any type of material including aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. We work with companies in a broad assortment of industries such as aerospace, automotive, military and defense, construction and many others.

Our metal fabrication engineering capabilities extend to all critical processes such as grinding and polishing, CNC bending and forming, CNC machining, CNC turning and CNC milling. Our experience also allows us to anticipate and overcome potential setbacks and resolve issues to maintain the quality and integrity of the design.

We understand the importance of getting your products to market as quickly as possible — we’re capable of producing fast fab engineering results without sacrificing quality. We also emphasize efficiency in our engineering processes. By finding ways to eliminate waste, we can help you lower project costs and improve your bottom line.

To see how Summit Steel’s engineering services have helped customers like you, visit our Case Studies page or contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or your company.

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