Summit Steel is a top metal manufacturing company that uses the latest technology in 2D flat laser cutting to bring you the highest level of precision manufacturing. Our experienced team will work with yours to provide an efficient process from design and prototype stages all the way through flat laser cutting and final production.

Our 2D CNC laser cutting services deliver clean edges and tight tolerances with completely repeatable results. Our system is ideal for high volume production and offers the ability to upload prints and DXF files directly into our laser cutting system. As a result, projects can reach optimum material utilization, increasing manufacturing accuracy and efficiency.

Materials Cut:

  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
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2D metal laser cutting provides a faster and more efficient process than manual cutting through the use of state-of-the-art computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. Summit Steel & Manufacturing uses a broad range of the latest flat laser cutting equipment with fiber, C02 and neodymium lasers that deliver exceptional cycle times working with all different types of materials and gauges. It’s a flexible, versatile solution where complex, multi-dimensional cuts and contours are required for a finish that’s free of distortions and requires little to no post-processing.

Our expert metal laser cutting services are utilized by industries throughout Pennsylvania, the East Coast and across the nation for producing high-precision parts for a broad scope of rapid prototyping, engraving and manufacturing purposes including:


How does 2D sheet metal laser cutting provide so much more effective cutting than other methods? We have already discussed how laser cutting is much more efficient and precise than manual cutting, but you may be aware of other forms of metal cutting that are available. Although there are other metal cutting methods, laser cutting is almost always preferable.


For example, plasma cutting has long been a popular cutting method, using high-temperature ionized gas to melt the metal. However, this process produces more waste, as the excess molten material is blown away rather than vaporized as in laser cutting. Plasma cutting also produces more heat, which can distort the material you are cutting.

Another option some people consider is water jet cutting, which uses an incredibly highly pressurized jet of water to cut the material. While it does not have the problems you may encounter with plasma cutting and can cut very thick material, it is much slower than laser cutting.


Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art laser 2D cutting for manufacturers and engineers requiring precision-cut parts. With a minimum cut thickness of .001 inches to thick sheet laser 2D cutting to 2.00 inches, we’re fully equipped to handle your needs. We also offer four-axis rotary machining, five-axis and high-speed flat cutting, as well as laser cutting of tubes, angles and a variety of shapes.

With over two decades of experience providing metal laser cutting services, we have the expertise to get the job done right and deliver on our promise of meeting the highest quality standards. We use climate-controlled machine shops that provide the environment to execute CNC laser cutting services with repeatable accuracy and consistency.

  • Additional advantages of choosing us for custom precision metal plate laser cutting include:
  • Wireless capabilities that allow you to seamlessly upload digital design files to our computerized systems
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing and business practices that support sustainability
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing and business practices that support sustainability
  • Cost-effective sheet metal laser cutting solutions as an all-in-one provider
  • Extensive range of in-house capabilities and value-added services


We think you will soon find that it is far more cost-effective and rewarding to contract your metal laser cutting services out to Summit Steel, the premier source for sheet metal laser cutting in PA. We not only have the state-of-the-art machines required for true accuracy when custom laser cutting metal, but we have the personnel with years of experience working with metal cutting. We know exactly how to use those machines to your greatest benefit.

Our entire facility is dedicated to laser cutting and other metalworking services, so we can handle your laser cutting as well as all of your other metalworking requirements fast, even with large orders. Even if you dedicated part of your facility and some of your workers’ valuable time to laser cutting, you still might have to contract your parts out for other metalworking to complete them.

At Summit Steel, we can do it all affordably and fast, without you having to dedicate additional time or resources to complete your metal parts. Working with us is the most logical approach to your metal cutting and other metalworking needs.


Our laser cutting services are used for effective quality metal parts fabrication in a wide variety of industries, including construction, alternative energy, vehicle parts, various consumer products, electronics and many more.

If you are not sure if our laser cutting services are right for your particular industry or application, please get in touch with us so we can discuss the matter further. We have the tools to perform metal fabrication services, including aluminum, carbon steel and stainless-steel laser cutting service, for almost any industry.

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