Many metal manufacturing companies overlook the art of saw cutting. However, precision saw cutting is an essential procedure in many metal fabrication projects that can also be useful when manufacturing products made from various types of plastic material. Trusting this important procedure to an experienced metal company can lead to unsatisfactory results and negatively impact the quality and performance of your products.

At Summit Steel & Manufacturing, quality and precise equipment, as well as experienced professionals, produce the highest quality cut products. We have a quarter century of experience in providing superior saw and metal cutting services for companies in a diverse selection of industries such as automotiveconstructionconsumer products and military and defense. We strive to meet our clients’ expectations for quality, service and on-time delivery. All metal sawing work is performed by experienced professionals who are experts in their craft.

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What Is Saw Cutting?

Sawing is the process of using some form of mechanized blade to cut metal or plastic materials into smaller pieces or components in the manufacturing process — it’s typically used for cutting bars, pipes and tubes. The type of saw used for cutting depends on factors such as the material and desired shape of the work piece, as well as the speed of the cutting process. Common types of saws used in metal and plastic fabrication include:

  • Circular Saw: A circular saw is equipped with a round blade that relies on a spinning action to perform the cutting. The circular saws used in fabrication feature a solid, heavy-duty construction designed to provide higher rigidity and reduce vibration, resulting in faster cutting speeds, high precision and a superior surface finish. Circular saws can accommodate numerous blade sizes to deliver the desired result and offer automatic operation and numerical control for easy, accurate management of the cutting process.
  • Band Saw: A band saw consists of a long blade with a continuous band of sharp metal “teeth” stretched between multiple wheels. Band saws can cut a wide variety of metal and plastic materials with speed and efficiency. Band saws feature an evenly distributed tooth load that provides a uniform cutting action and a highly precise result. They can also cut curved or irregular shapes. As with circular saws, band saw blades are available in multiple sizes and tooth pitches — which indicates the distance between the teeth — to meet the requirements of various saw cutting metal fabrication applications.

Saw Cutting for Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Our streamlined material flow and elimination of excess material cost help to reduce the need for multiple vendors. This means that your fabrication and welding projects are delivered to you on time and under budget. Square, clean, burr-free saw cutting reduces the need for secondary operations and provides safe material handling conditions for your employees and customers. Our ISO 9001-2008 certification and use of sophisticated CMM inspection technology mean that you can count on us to provide consistently high-quality plastic and metal cutting services.

Summit Steel & Manufacturing can support your specific needs for tubing or solids, whether you’re looking for square, rectangular, round or other special shapes to cut. If your projects call for saw cutting for precision metal fabrication or creating top-quality plastic products, we can provide the custom solution you require. Our expansive range of capabilities, expertise and sawing equipment enables us to deliver fast, accurate results to keep your projects on schedule, while minimizing your overall costs.

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